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Four tips on how to photograph your home to get it sold

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

Photographs are the first way that buyers connect with your home nowadays. Providing top quality photos of your home ensures that you have more people looking at your property instead of the neighbors, and quite often gets your home sold faster as well. I would always recommend that you hire a professional photographer that does good work in your area rather than try to do it on your own. But if you do want to give it a shot then these are the things to focus on:

1. Lighting, Lighting, Lighting. I say it three times because it is absolutely the most important aspect of your photos. Making sure that windows don't appear washed out, using flashes or longer exposure to highlight a dark corner, and opening up the home and turning on lights to get the best light possible are all important things you should be doing.

2. Angles. Walk around the space a couple of times and really look at which angles provide the most flattering point of view. Some parts of the property should be focused on more than others, such as architectural details or views. However, if you can't quite capture the angle you want then don't force it. Keep your images level, and keep them from being too distorted if you are using a wide angle lens.

3. Staging. Other than having great lighting, staging is one of the most important steps. If it's done right buyers won't even know that your home isn't always perfect. Spend a good several hours cleaning up your home to prepare it for a shoot. If you want people to picture themselves in your home make it as neutral as you can and don't over-decorate. You only have to do this once, so put the toilet seats down, clean the windows, and rearrange your furniture to showcase your homes unique features.

4. Editing. DO NOT over-edit your photos. Many times I see people over saturating the grass and sky, and adding strange filters to their photos but it ends up distracting from what's important in the photos. Try to make your home appear as it does in real life on a good day, make it feel welcoming and comfortable.

While it may save some money to do the photos yourself, the best option is always going to be using a professional photographer. They have the know how, the high end equipment, and the editing software to make your home stand out. Every property I list has professional photos taken at no cost to you, and provides an added level of value that ends up getting your home sold faster than the competition.

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