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Get the home you want on your terms.

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Negotiating the deal.


The home buying process can be a smooth and breezy process or it can feel like waking on a tightrope 10 stories up without a safety net. Which direction it goes can have just as much to do with you as the person across the table from you. But being prepared for the purchase your home and understanding everything that goes into it can help you with negotiations and help you get the home you want on the terms you want.

If you've bought a home before, you probably know that it isn't just about how much money you are offering for a home that determines if a seller takes your offer. If you have a great real estate agent, they will find out the sellers motivation and help you play on that to your advantage in negotiations. A sellers reason for moving could be any number of things, but there is a whole toolkit of items to negotiate with and help you get the home you want.

These include:

- Length of escrow

- The home warranty

- Inspections

- Amount of deposit

- Repairs

- Leasing the home back to the seller

- Transfer fees

- Type of financing or cash

Sometimes one of the other negotiation items could have a bigger impact on the deal than a simple change in the price. Make sure to hire yourself a Realtor like Nate that can navigate the deal in the best way possible for you and make the offer stand out in a competitive market.

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